About Us

If you’re looking for a professional multimedia production studio with a proven track record for meeting deadlines on time and under budget, then RBR Productions should be your first choice. Our experienced staff will work with you to produce top quality sales and marketing presentations, instructional programs, and other multimedia applications for distribution or sale to the consumer market. We can also reformat and refurbish your existing video, audio, or multimedia applications into digital formats like DVDs and standard, mini, and shaped CD-ROMs.

One distinction of RBR Productions, is that we provide ala carte services to fill in just what you need for completion.  We do not demand that we direct the whole project, as many of our clients do some of what we do, but not all of it, so we provide that desired service they need with completion the end result.

Interactive multimedia productions give your audience control over what information is presented, when, how quickly, and whether it is repeated. With multimedia productions developed in our Chicago studio, you can spread your message while being sure your audience retains the maximum amount of information.

Our analog-to-digital conversion services can help keep your multimedia productions on the cutting edge of technology. At our Chicago production studio, our experienced staff will convert your analog media project into the digital format best suited to your project and most effective for your end user, whether they are customers, shareholders, or employees.

RBR Productions Chicago studio has a  staff of directors, camera operators, producers, script writers, graphic designers, and web developers. Our multimedia production team is skilled in today’s cutting edge software,  and dedicated to producing quality dvd’s and cd’s. We are professional and will produce creative and professional results for your project. We have a special  process that will give you the above and beyond results you are expecting.

Our duplication team is skilled with cutting edge software and our team is dedicated to producing quality DVD’s and CD’s. We are professional and will provide creative and professional results for your project that you expect.