RBR Productions began as Rainbow Bridge Recording Studios in 1977. As a studio in the northern Chicago area, we quickly determined the market was the business market present in the immediate area.

During a major equipment upgrade from the buyout of an existing competitor, we purchased their cassette duplication setup. This set us into copying content. 
As the recording studio business slowed in the early nineties, we saw digital audio production on the horizon, and committed to it. Analog recording is still used, but we added digital for speed, convenience, and cost efficiency.

We specialize in voice-over for presentation and website purposes.

We offer end to end recording, editing, and duplication for both audio and video. Presentation creation is large part of our business. All size companies understand the value in CD -ROMs and DVDs for both internal use, and as sales and marketing tools. We develop, integrate different media elements into the presentation, and then, if needed, duplicate or replicate the created piece. We do the voice-over work in our on the premises recording studio. We then cut up the recorded piece, edit it, and place it seamlessly into the presentation.

Our recording studio is equipped to handle all levels of audio  from music recordings the spoken word. We also offer royalty free music for presentation use.