DVD and CD-ROM Replication

Depending on the size of your order and the type of disc your project requires, our CD-ROM replication services may be your most economic choice for CD reproduction.

DVD and CD-ROM replication requires producing a “glass master” disc of your project’s data, which will be used to actually press the data onto an aluminum and plastic disc, creating grooves in the surface. The replicated CDs will then be covered by a clear plastic layer to keep the grooves from collecting dust and dirt.

With regard to DVD and CD-ROM, as well as custom shaped CD-ROMs and business card CDs, replication is only economical for orders larger than 1000 copies. If your project requires a smaller order of standard DVD or CD-ROMs, please see our section on DVD and CD-ROM Duplication.

We stand behind the products we make

Over the last 15 years, we have built successful partnerships with the best Chicago DVD and CD-ROM replication facilities in the industry. That makes RBR Productions the only company with the flexibility to suit your project’s individual DVD and CD-ROM replication needs.

When our Chicago production studio receives your DVD or CD-ROM replication project, we’ll create a glass master disc durable enough to stamp hundreds of thousands of perfect copies of your project. If you need to reorder more copies of your disc later, we’ll still have your last glass master on file and ready for your newest CD-ROM replication order.

You’re no longer a number waiting in line

We know how vital it is for your company to receive a finished project done quickly and correctly. Whether your CD-ROM replication project requires shaped CD-ROMs, business card CDs, mini CDs, or standard DVDs or CD-ROMs, we will deliver your discs on time and on budget, regardless of whether you need a few dozen copies or tens of thousands.

Our qualified staff is experienced in replicating and creating project solutions for:
• Multimedia Presentations
• Software Distribution
• Games and Interactive Multimedia
• Video, Audio, and Music

For a detailed quote for these and other custom CD-ROM replication projects, contact us at our Chicago production studio.